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25. Jun 10

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Saving Energy With Solar Power Using Homemade Sola...

Saving Energy with Solar Power : Using Homemade Solar PanelsMake homemade solar panels to save on cost. Learn about saving energy in your home with natural or

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Solar Panels Are Cheap To Build | Earth Easy Energ...

Didn't you hear by now Solar power is the easiest way to acquire energy. Solar power costs nothing, easy to get, and offers adequate energy for all common

24. Jun 10

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Environmentalists say Red Sea oil spill continuing...

Environmental activists said Monday that an oil spill off the coast of Egypt's Red Sea is continuing even after the government said it had been contained, leaving turtles and sea birds covered in oil.

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Gov't bills BP

The Obama administration has sent another multimillion-dollar bill to BP and other parties being held responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


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